Strength N Motion International Academy will offer 5th year seniors another opportunity for growth on and off the Court. We will provide a stage for these young student athletes to perform and display their talents over our rigorous scheduled season which consists of games across the nation. Our program is a seven month commitment beginning in September and ending in April.

Over the seven months, the student athletes will go through a demanding training schedule that will consist of an average three practices per day. Morning practice will be a team practice focusing on schemes and concepts. The second practice will be covering strength and conditioning workouts. Our third practice of the day will be an individual skill development.

Outside of our daily practices, we will work on efficiency by watching film, and developing the understanding of the probabilities associated with each possession of a ball game. We use video as a learning tool to help correct mistakes and shape good habits during workouts and games. By analyzing film, we are able to recognize tendencies and break bad habits. Requiring our players to watch themselves on film can make the difference between being a good basketball player and becoming a great basketball player.

We believe that mental toughness is key in taking your game to the next level. Mental toughness is learned not inherited. We challenge our young student athletes mentally at every opportunity preparing them to be “comfortable in uncomfortable situations”. To achieve this mindset, we teach them to be in control of emotions; self-confidence; highly energetic and ready for action; self-motivated and fully responsible.